Funny Girls of Fertility

The Wait


One thing I know is that I DESPISE waiting.  I dislike waiting at restaurants, in traffic, for stoplights to turn green, for people to get off an airplane, waiting to get to see someone who's important to me.  I guess you can say I am a tiny bit impatient.  Waiting in general sucks, so I can't even imagine how bad the two week wait is, as well as everything else you have to wait for during fertility treatments.  When you want something THAT badly, the wait makes it almost unbearable.

My good friend whom I wrote about not too long ago is currently enduring her two week wait.  She's text me a couple times to ask questions that I get from patients regularly.  It's funny hearing them come from her because it makes it even more apparent how ladies going through infertility share a lot of the same fears!  I'll share a couple of things she asked......

-Is it weird if I have no symptoms?  No, not at all.

-Is it weird if I do have symptoms? No, not at all either :)  This is where it can get a little confusing.  EVERYONE is different, that's why I stress comparison is the thief of joy.  I swear, some women come in and feel absolutely nothing and their first beta is off the charts.  On the other hand, some women come in with cramping and bleeding thinking it didn't work, and their betas are also high!

"Our willingness to wait reveals the value we place on what we're waiting for." - Charles Stanley

I have to remind myself of this quote when I'm sitting twiddling my thumbs wondering if time could go by any dang slower. It's so true, things that are worth it, you WILL wait for.  In this generation instant gratification is so common, I think people forget that anything that is worth a shit takes time. Think about how much time you have probably wasted wishing time away to get to the moment you've been waiting for....

I remember when I was 13, wishing I was 16 so I could drive.

When I was 16, wishing I was 18 so I could go to college.

When I was 18, wishing I was 21 so I could buy a beer!

When I was 21, wishing I was out of college to get a "real job".

Now at 32, I'm wishing I would have enjoyed every day a little more.

I'm trying to remind myself to live and enjoy the present moment.  Sometimes what's in the future looks so much more promising that we want to fast forward, and that is SUCH a waste of life.  So whatever you are waiting for be it a beta day, a job, a relationship, or hell just waiting for those slow assholes to get off the airplane (did I mention I dislike that :))  enjoy the moment, and know that the wait you endured will help you to appreciate what you've been waiting for more than you could have ever imagined!