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National Adoption Awareness Month


            Holy hell, I was almost late to the game with this blog.  How could I overlook National Adoption Awareness Month?!?! The answer is I couldn’t.  My entire reason for being where I am today is because of one of my favorite people in the world, who if you have followed along with my blog would know is my brother, Justin.

            A little recap for you slackers who don’t actually read my blog (kidding, I love y’all, boop).  My brother and his wife, Sam, tried to have a child naturally.  After getting frustrated when nothing happened, they sought the help of a fertility clinic.  Three failed IVF attempts later they decided maybe adoption would be the best option for them.   

            Adoption is work, y’all.  I didn’t even realize just how much goes into adopting a child.   After home studies, an Encyclopedia sized book of their day to day lives, health screens, videos, and a shit ton of money later they were in the game.

            This is where it kind of gets crazy.  They did a nation-wide adoption meaning that they could be given little notice, receive a call, and they would have to go live in whatever state the baby was born for at least 3 weeks until all the paperwork was finished.  Now anyone in their right mind knows how difficult this obviously would be to; A. Take off work B. Pack up your life, and go live in a different state until you are able to take home your child C. Pay to live somewhere else for a month after already having to sell your left kidney to pay for all the other adoption fees.

           Well they got the call and guess where their little bundle of joy was going to be born….  About 100 miles from my dang house.  Out of 48 possible states (yes, I know there are 50 states in the US, but the nation-wide option is really a liar and only covers 48 states) the birth parents were THAT close to me.  I know they had a lot of trepidations about the parents changing their mind.  They weren’t teenagers, they had jobs, and they were looking to get married in the near future.  I think it’s pretty normal to think that these stable, capable adults may change their minds once this sweet baby made her appearance in the world.  ((This is seriously the super condensed story of their adoption.))  

            Everything ended up working out perfectly, and what an incredible blessing she has been to our family.  Unfortunately, they live a world away (ok maybe a few states, but for dramatic flair I’m sticking with it) so I don’t get to see her often, but they were able to stay with me until the paperwork was completed.

            I know IVF was hard for my brother and his wife, and the process of adoption wasn’t easy on them either. The birth parents gave my family a gift that is immeasurable.  I mean come on now, how cute is this baby?!

           If you want to get further into this story, go creep on my brother @dad_in_waiting on Instagram.  He probably should change his damn name because he isn’t waiting anymore!!!