Funny Girls of Fertility

Communication Y'all


I think one of the biggest downfalls while dealing with fertility treatments is the need to be in complete control.  With the loss of control; the only thing we have is communication to make us feel more in control!  Sounds crazy, right?   I know how frustrating it can be for patients to have to wait for us to get their labs, talk to the doctor, and get them an update!  It can be an agonizing wait.  I think patients also get frustrated with the lack of communication they sometimes feel like they are getting.  For those of you who have awesome IVF Coordinators this may not apply to you!

A key to making fertility treatment more bearable is having great nurse/patient communication.  Here are some tips to help open up that channel;

  1. Give your nurse time.  HEY, Doctors can be slow sometimes (cough, cough a lot of the time.)  They may be pondering what they think your next step should be, and we are the bad guys delivering your news later than you would like!  I promise we dislike making you wait as much as you dislike waiting!
  2. Keep the communication open.  If you feel as you don't really understand what is going on with your treatment plan, tell your nurse specifically what you aren't understanding so they can help make you more comfortable with the plan!
  3. Patience.  PatiencePatience.  PATIENCE.   Fertility treatment is an endurance sport. Patience is key to your sanity (and mine!)
  4. Make a list.  I haven't met one patient who doesn't have a bajillion questions.  Make a list of those questions so you aren't up at midnight stewing on all those questions you forgot to ask.
  5. Bring your nurse a red velvet bundt cake (preferably from Nothing Bundt Cakes)  :)  Shameless plug for myself