Funny Girls of Fertility

Groundhogs Day


Sometimes I feel like I answer the same exact questions 12,458 times a day... It's probably because I actually do!  Fertility is a great big world!  For those new to the process it's a lot to take in!  Here are a few questions I get regularly that may help you out if you don't feel like bugging your nurse (You SHOULD bug your nurse.. but remember the bundt cake if you do :) )

  1. I just stopped my birth control and started my stimulation shots.  I started bleeding, is this normal??  ---- TOTALLY normal, y'all.  When you stop birth control you are generally going to start a cycle a few days after stopping.  Once you start your stim shots your body will be all sorts of confused, and your cycle will stop shortly!
  2. When is my egg retrieval? ---- THE MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION!!  If I could answer that I may be the most popular fertility nurse around (in my head I already won this award) but we have NO idea when your retrieval is going to be.  We can predict it!  You are generally going to be on stim meds for 10-14 days (on average) before we trigger you.  Once triggered your retrieval is about 36 hours later.  Fertility treatments are all about being flexible!
  3. Am I going to get the Zika virus? ---  If traveling, check out the advisories for that area.  The CDC has a great Q&A section
  4. Should I be taking any vitamins? --- YES!!! Prenatal, prenatal, prenatal.  You   don't have to be pregnant to start!  Its good to start taking a prenatal vitamin when you start trying to have a baby.. heck if nothing else you may end up with great side effects like amazing hair and nails!
  5. ((For IUI patients))  I don't have any follicles in that magical 18-20mm range, why did they tell me to take my trigger shot??  --- Although there is a range they want your follicles to get to, your body really is calling the shots!  When your LH starts to increase we know that your body is ready to ovulate!  Your follicles may say Bye Felicia, don't care what my size is, and release the egg(s)!

Although I do feel like I get A LOT of the same questions, never feel bad for asking your nurse whatever is on your mind!  That is what they are there for!  Making use of your nurse not only for their knowledge, but also as a middle man if your doctor isn't easily accessible!