Funny Girls of Fertility

Never Say Never


I saw a post on Instagram that has been on my mind since reading it.  A doctor had told this girl after her first round of IVF that it just wasn't going to work for her?!?  That really bothered me.  Not only is that not a fun thing to hear after your FIRST try, but how in the heck does that doctor KNOW after ONE try that it would never happen for her? Must have a part time job with a psychic hotline, right??

I wanted to ask for her doctors name to give him/her a piece of my little southern mind! (I'm a little sassy.)  It reminded me of one of my favorite patients recent experiences (and yes, I have a lot of favorite patients because they are ALL that wonderful.)

This patient had gone to another doctor in the area to have a consult after a failed IVF cycle.  After some diagnostic testing and discussing her low AMH (ovarian reserve) this RE told her that she had zero chance, and was in need of an egg donor.  I can envision him saying, "Kiss your eggs goodbye, Lady."  (Okay maybe a little dramatic.) She didn't like the negativity he put on her of NEVER having a chance to have her own biological child so she came to our clinic. (Insert a mass amount of rainbows and sunshine!)

Knowing she didn't have the highest ovarian reserve, we did a special protocol on her trying to boost her to get the max amount of eggs possible.  After about 4 days of stim shots her Estrogen level was off the charts. Honestly, we were a little taken back about her levels!    Our big question was, will those follicles produce mature eggs?!?  Retrieval time came and she did great! An amazing amount of eggs and even better....they fertilized!

After a couple of weeks we received her PGS report and she had multiple chromosomal normal embryos.  The girl who was told by one doctor that she would need an egg donor now had her own embryos ready to transfer!  She came in with her mom for blood work to get her FET started, and I was able to tell her the results in person!  A really dang good moment.  Pretty sure that was one of the first times I saw her truly smile!

Of course it was nerve racking starting her FET process.  I put all my eggs (positivity) in that basket and kept my fingers crossed for 2 weeks that she would be fortunate enough to make this pregnancy happen. I stood by the machine on her Beta day, and waited for her results to print off... She was pregnant!

The 12 weeks of monitoring flew by. I watched these cute little embryos grow into wiggly gummy bear babies!   I was sad to see her leave since we had come so far, but I was glad to see her go because that means she was moving on to her OB to have a healthy, happy pregnancy.

My point of this post is do not let anyone tell you it will NEVER happen for you. Something I learned in nursing school at THE University of Texas (Hook 'em, shameless plug) that these doctors obviously didn't learn in medical school is to not use the words NEVER/ALWAYS.  Someone is bound to come along and break the rules :)