Funny Girls of Fertility

The Dark Side... of a UPT


Oh, the UPT.  God bless it.  I have very mixed feelings about early testing.  I know all my patients are eager beavers about getting results, but I have a dark tale to tell.

One of my most very favorite patients with a heart of gold was on her last attempt.  She said this was it for her, if this FET did not work she was going to adopt.  I told her not to give up, that I was going to think rainbow thoughts until her transfer.  ((My fellow IVF nurses call me Rainbow.  I am caffeine free and a morning person which is a weird combo I hear.)) :)

The time came for my patient to transfer her last PGS embryo.  She was feeling defeated post transfer.  She told me she was driving in her car, and just knew in her heart she wasn't pregnant.

Two weeks post transfer, she told herself she wasn't going to go down the dreaded UPT aisle, but SHE DID!  She went and bought THE most expensive test in the store.  ((Wish I could remember what brand she bought now.)) She rushed home and immediately took a test.  That very expensive test gave her a big fat negative.  She decided to try again in the morning, believing that the early morning urine would be more accurate.  NEGATIVE!

As most of you know when going through IVF your body is not making hormones to support a pregnancy.  Seeing those negative tests made her quit the devilish PIO injections and stop the Estrogen supplementation.  She was completely over it.  Her appointment was a couple days later to confirm her HCG level.  ((At this time we had no idea she had stopped taking her medicine.))

I pulled her labs off our machine ((yes, we run our labs ourselves in office.. A-team, remember??))  Guess what... she was pregnant..... HCG level was over 1,000.  Can you believe it???  She got negatives at home with a level over 1,000???  She freaked out when I called her.  She said, "Not a chance, I had TWO negatives."  I had to reassure her a few times that I wasn't kidding!   At this time she told me she had stopped ALL her medications.  I FREAKED.  Fortunately, we shot her up quickly with some PIO and she started poppin' Estrogen like it was Cristal.

I know UPTs are accurate a good percentage of the time, but please for your sanity and the sanity of your IVF staff... try and wait to confirm your results with blood work!!!

I am happy to say that this lovely patient has graduated from our clinic and is doing great!