Funny Girls of Fertility

The Sensitive Side


The beginning of my desire to become a fertility nurse is close to my heart.  It's true that I did Google and find my current employer after seeing an IVF nurse on the Bachelor (Best show ever... Olivia drives me crazy this season.. okay back to seriousness), but there is much more behind that story.

Infertility affects me personally because two of my favorite people in the world have struggled through the process. My brother and his wife got married 5 years ago, and started trying for a baby shortly after getting married.  My SIL knew that she suffered from endometriosis, but didn't know the severity of it.  Through diagnostic testing they also found out that my brothers sperm quality was poor to very poor (still super awkward talking about my brothers sperm.)

Since they knew the prognosis of having a baby naturally was grim, they decided to try IVF.

My brother endured the thrill of having a TESE and my SIL went through 3 cycles of stimulation.  The last cycle she had zero eggs retrieved, making the total embryo count 3.

Unfortunately through this almost 5 year struggle, they were unsuccessful.  The heartbreak I had to see them go through was almost unbearable (my empathy is off the charts, y'all.)  These two people are oh so deserving of having their own biological child, and it just wasn't in the cards for them.

Currently they are on the road to adoption, they are hopefully getting a baby of their own this year!  I couldn't be happier for them and their future child, who is going to be lucky to have such amazing parents.

Through their infertility journey I began to understand how important it is for couplesto have support; be it their family, friends or medical staff.  Some couples are uncomfortable bringing their friends and families into their journey so I try to put myself out there for every one of my patients to let them know I whole heartily care.  When I leave work I think about all of them.  I hope their stim shots are going well, their Estrogen levels are rising, and their embryos are sticking!  I just hope my patients can feel the love and support I have for all of them.  I'm forever grateful to my brother for opening my eyes to the world of infertility!