Funny Girls of Fertility

No Money, Mo' Problems


Holy moly, how expensive is an IVF cycle??

Over 7 million people in the United States (ALONE) of child bearing age are struggling with infertility.  Lets take that number and just say the average cost of one IVF cycle (in Texas) is around $12k (not including meds) with cash pay medication ranging from $4,000 to $7,000.

Lets just say if all 7,000,000 went through an IVF cycle that would be $133,000,000,000. Obviously, not all of these people will go through IVF, but just making a point here! $$$$

I mean I guess if you have a goose that shits golden eggs, dropping $19k won't be a big deal for you, but for the average person that can put a huge financial weight on their shoulder (some may say a LIFE ALTERING CRUSHING WEIGHT!)

I won't even get started with insurance companies and their lack to cover ANYTHING.  I mean some people do have great coverage when it comes to fertility treatment, but that is few and far between.

It's extremely challenging for me when patients come in, and I see just how badly they want to have a child.  The wife may have a blocked tube or the husband may have zero swimmers, due to cost their only affordable option is an IUI (even though with their diagnosis IVF may be the best route.)  Its heartbreaking to see them throw their faith into a cycle that doesn't have the best success rate, but financially its their only option.

I once had a patient come in who was over a week into her stimulation meds.  I ask her if she had medication through her next appointment.  She said she only had it through the next night and that her and her husband had maxed out their credit cards.  She said that there was no way they could afford more medication.  I mean come on now, jab to the heart.  I wish I could have just given her a box of Menopur and called it a day.

My whole goal of starting this blog and creating fertility related merchandise is not only to increase awareness, but in hopes of one day being able to help couples who aren't able to take this kind of financial hit (I'm a ways away from this goal, but I'll get there!)

Since medication is an expensive factor of fertility treatments I have put links to a few of the pharmacies that we frequently use.  My advice is to PRICE COMPARE!  I had a patient recently in need of Lupron.  I had called it into a pharmacy that I knew had it in stock, and they said it was going to cost **$500.**  I called a few more pharmacies after knowing she couldn't afford the $500, and ended up finding it for less than $100!!

Happy medication shopping y'all :)  (only ships to Texas)