Funny Girls of Fertility

The Little Engine...


I feel like I have really neglected a good ol' IUI success story!  For those unfamiliar with what an IUI is... it is intrauterine insemination.  This means they are going to take your husband/partner/donors sperm and insert the swimmers inside the uterus with a catheter, sounds totally fun, right?!  

One of my favorite IUI-ers is now long graduated.  She was as sweet as could be.  I remember starting her first cycle, the doctor prescribed her Clomid and she didn't have the best response.  She had one follicle going into her first IUI.  Unfortunately, two weeks later she was hit with a negative beta!

Her period came and she decided she just wanted to go straight into her second IUI.  Since she didn't get the best result from Clomid the doctor switched her to Letrozole!  She also wasn't in love with the side effects she experienced from Clomid.  Remember this girl was sweet, like unrealistically sweet.  She was concerned because she was being "short" with her husband on Clomid... If she only knew some of the rage stories that some women can experience, she would have realized she was a true angel!!   She started up the Letrozole and the cycle went alright. She did feel better on Letrozole, but the response wasn't anything to write home about.   IUI time came again, and again NADA!

Third times the charm, right??  At least thats what I told her.  At this point I think she was thinking, "Bitch, I'm tired of seeing your face."  ((Kidding, she totally loved me)) :)  This time we went with the combo platter... pills and injectables!  She had her best response yet!  We were all feeling extremely hopeful.  IUI day came around.  WTF?! Negative again!  

I thought she was going to throw in the towel, could of sworn we were going to lose her.  She wasn't ready for IVF, but being the Little Engine that Could she went into her 4th IUI cycle.  

Remember y'all, IUI isn't as high of a success rate as IVF, in fact not even close.  It may be a lot cheaper, but sometimes it takes persistence to get there!  

I think by this cycle she was kind of over the blood work, the ultrasounds, my amazing jokes.....   I was pretty nervous on her **4th** beta day!  Luckily, this time I got to call her with wonderful news!!!

This girl had a heart of GOLD.  No matter how many days in a row we made her come in, no mater how many times she got her blood drawn, and the bajillion ultrasounds she went through she always came in with a positive attitude and a huge smile on her face.  I think she was really embracing the experience, which isn't always easy to do.   Not all IUI's take 4 cycles, some lucky ladies get it on the first or second try, while others choose to switch to IVF!  Don't compare your journey to anyone else because everyone has a unique experience through infertility, hopefully all reaching the end goal of a positive beta day!