Funny Girls of Fertility

No Guarantees


Real life can suck at times.  Its easier to be in the Land of Pretend where everything just falls into place.  We had a real life sucky situation happen recently....

A patient had been going through a lot of personal issues.  Life was not her friend, life wasn't even an acquaintance, if we are being real here.  She had just undergone an FET, and due to stress she said she just couldn't handle the two week wait.  She took an at home test very early and had gotten a negative result.   She came in completely devastated, and wanted to stop all her medications.

During this patients fertility treatment, one of her very best friends was also going through IVF in a different state.  I bet you can guess what happened, she compared the bejesus out of her and her friends cycles.  Through her stimulation all the way up to her early pregnancy symptoms.  ((Do I even have to say it again, "Comparison is the thief of joy."  I whole heartedly mean that.  No one is you, no one knows what you go through, what you feel on the inside... so don't compare.  Okay off my soapbox again.)) 

 Her friend had gotten an at home positive, and she was so upset because she didn't understand why hers was negative.  Her friend didn't do PGS, she did.  Her friend did a fresh transfer, she did a frozen.  She was so upset that her treatment cycle wasn't going as well  ((her friend could have just been shitting rainbows, and actually had a horrible cycle! Who knows, right?))  People only display their highlights, not all the bad shit that goes on.

We decided to run an early beta due to the fact she had already given up hope and was wanting to quit taking her medication. We got the level off and it was positive, a very low level but it was early and it was a level nonetheless!   The doctor decided that we could go ahead and tell her just to alleviate some of her concerns.  Needless to say she was ecstatic when we let her know....

A few days later she came back in to recheck her levels.  She was so extremely grateful to us for giving her the good news.  She was still nervous, but was more hopeful.  We later got her labs off, and her beta was unfortunately negative.  Pretty sure no one in the office wanted to call, and let her know that the original level was most likely a biochemical.

She was so confused why her friend who had untested embryos was pregnant, and her lovely PGS embryo was now gone.

The biggest thing to take from this blog post ((besides don't compare yourself to anyone else)) is that even PGS embryos aren't guaranteed to implant.  I understand that can be SUPER frustrating because you spend a shit ton of money to make sure your embryos are the best quality possible, and then they don't implant and you are left thinking WTF?!?

 I think the best way to go into every cycle (PGS or not) is with a positive attitude, but being kind of realistic in that fact that nothing is guaranteed.  Nothing in life is ever guaranteed, the only thing you can control is making your unguaranteed life/situation the best that you can.