Funny Girls of Fertility

The Three P's


The three P's.... persistence, patience and positivity.  One thing that I 100% know about myself is that I am a persistent.  I was once told by someone very close to me that "Persistence trumps talent."  I mean if you keep at it you'll eventually get there, right?

I think persistence is the key to surviving infertility.

One of my favorite patients (again I know I have 12,202,247 favorites) graduated from the clinic.  Her stay with us was short lived.  Her stim was easy, transfer was easy, and she left us as a happy soon to be mom of two.   Her path was a smooth one.  Its not that easy for everyone.

For those that have to stick with us longer the key to (mental/emotional) survival is persistence.  I think dealing with infertility altogether takes a tremendous amount of it.  Most people despise going to the doctor for their yearly checkup, could you imagine how they would feel having to go see an RE?!?!  I mean, hell bring a sleeping bag cause I spend more time with my patients than anyone else!  

The fertility struggle may increase your patience as well.  It's all  a waiting game.  From waiting for your period to start, waiting to start your injections, and let's not forget the dreaded two week wait.  If you aren't a patient person, God bless ya cause you are about to add a positive quality to your life.  Pretty sure not all patients gain this quality, but if you have it it may make your journey a little more pleasant!

Patience is a skill I am still working on myself.  When I want something I want it NOW.  I think its the new generation of everything being so easily accessible.  People who have waited so long to grow their family don't want to put it off any longer!  I totally get it, but growing a baby takes some time peeps.  It will be well worth the wait at the end!

Last but not least, positivity.  A positive mind will give you a positive life.  It really is as simple as that.  When you are getting the negative voice in your head, you have to push it out and replace it with something positive.  This is also something I am working on constantly, its hard work keeping a positive attitude (honestly there are times when I just don't feel like it.)  I know its okay to have some shit moments, but I don't let myself stay there too long.  I've come to realize the better my attitude and outlook the better the outcome.