Funny Girls of Fertility

Public Opinion


Recently one of our fellow TTC Instagrammers was featured on BuzzFeed for her IVF story and her super cute pregnancy announcement.  I went to read the article because I was excited to see an infertility story featured on BuzzFeed!  What I was shocked by was the comments that ensued.  

To say a good percentage of the comments were ridiculous would be an understatement.  How uneducated are people about infertility?!?!?!?!  I'll answer my own question and say EXTREMELY uneducated.  I can't even pick my "favorite" one (by favorite I mean the most ridiculous.)  Let me start with this one....

"And you wonder why mental illness, autism and other diseases are on the rise in children and young adults. Look no further than lethal, non stop fertility treatments"   

Almost laughable, right?!?!  Where did this lady even come up with this stuff?!?  LETHAL fertility treatments?!?!  Watch out, y'all that Clomid is going to get ya!  Last time I checked fertility meds created life, not offed people.  Can't even give that one any more play time.

"Was adoption not an option? Okay kinda selfish 😒😡Before anyone comes for me, I am deeply aware how much of a difficult process adopting a child is. But so are all those unsuccessful IVFs."

Obviously she has ZERO idea of how hard any of it is or she wouldn't have made such an idiotic comment.  SELFISH?!?!?!?!??!?!?!  Really?!?!?!?!?!?  The couples I work with daily are THE most selfless people I have ever met in my life.  They give up everything in order to have a child.  

"Stop being selfish and adopt maybe?"

I think I saw about 1,200 people come up with this one.  Why not adopt???  Why can't she be her own person and decide whats best for her?!  Maybe adoption wasn't the route for her.  Maybe she would have been a super shitty adoptive mom (she totally wouldn't have been, but still.)   Its great to have your own opinion about whatever you believe in, but sometimes you need to educate yourself before you open your trap, especially when it comes to peoples personal life choices.

I can't even get started on all the people who commented on their ages.  She's over 18, she's an adult she can make her own decisions on when to start a family. The End on that.

"I did it for the community"?!? Wtf?"

This lady obviously doesn't know what a supportive community we have.  Sad for her that she doesn't know that kind of support. I loved seeing the TTC community come together.

I am as open minded as they come.  I don't judge anyone nor do I care to.  The world would be a much better place if we just all shit rainbows and were more unicorn-y (is unicorn-y a word?! Probably not.)  Why place so much judgement on someone we read a tiny little BuzzFeed article about?  These asshats have no idea the struggle that this couple has been through.  Shame on all that negativity.   I think these naysayers need to go back to reading other articles like, "This Airline looked After a Cat and Gave it a Name Tag."  They aren't ready for adult reads yet.

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