Funny Girls of Fertility

A Fulfilled Life


A past coworker of mine passed away today from adrenal cancer.  She was only 36 years old.  She left behind two little girls (which completely breaks my heart.)  Kelly chronicled her cancer journey over the last 18 months.  She went through a crazy amount of surgeries and treatments, the entire time keeping the most positive attitude imaginable.  Even through her darkest days she seemed to find a tiny sliver of light.  She inspired so many, including myself.  Kelly opened my eyes to truly enjoy every minute of my life.  

She took tons of chances with everything she went through; surgery,  a variety of experimental medications, radiation, chemotherapy.  You name it she did it.  She never showed that she was afraid of anything either.  Her writing exuded strength and dignity when a good majority of people probably would have given up.

Although this isn't really infertility related I think everyone can learn a lot from Kelly.  Life is about taking chances, making the most of the time you are given, embracing the crazy.

Below is a little snippet of a message that Kelly wanted to share....

"So while time is shrinking in on me faster than most people my age, I hope that all of you soak in those moments. Life is short and precious and it took this for me to realize that. If I could help someone else realize this, that would be great. It’s so easy to get caught up in the mundane, but life is beautiful.  It's so amazing watching your children grow.  Just wish I had decades left, but I can't worry about that because it's out of my control.  I just focus on being a wife and mother and fighting for every day to stay a little longer." 

I'm going to honor Kelly's message by living a fulfilled life; opening myself up to be vulnerable, putting myself in situations that may scare me more than I like to admit, taking chances on things I may fail at, but most importantly enjoying the life I've been given.