Funny Girls of Fertility

On This Mother's Day


Some of the best moms I know are women who knew exactly who they were before they had children.  If you don't know and love yourself how can you even begin to raise a miniature version of you?!  Infertility takes you to the bottom of the barrel, where you have to be strong as heck to pick yourself back up to keep going.  You learn the importance of who you are, who you can rely on for support, and that you are stronger then you could have ever imagined.

Being a mom takes a lot of work, and lucky for you infertility has prepared you;

  1. Patience - You totally earned this quality during your wait to start your cycle, your wait to get to retrieval, your wait to transfer, your two week wait for a positive beta, and then the 9 month wait to have your baby (if you haven't reached this last step, you will get there.)  You got patience in the bag, yo.
  2. Strength - Giving injections to yourself for weeks on end, sticking a 1.5 inch needle in your ass for months, going through a bajillion vaginal ultrasounds, getting your blood drawn every other day.  Not only all that, but also strength in the fact that you have dealt with some real shit times, discouraging news, and have picked yourself back up.
  3. Courage - "Strength in the face of pain or grief."  If that doesn't say it all, I don't know what does!
  4. Determination - Because you never gave up, even when you felt like you wanted to!
  5. Love - You wouldn't have done any of it if you weren't over flowing with love to give.

If this Sunday brings you despair, try your best to put a positive spin on it.  Don't think of it as a day that highlights something that your lacking, think of it as a day that your infertility journey has prepared you to be the best at.