Funny Girls of Fertility

Good Things Come...


Good things come to those who wait... and I can tell you I'm not the best at it.  I think I talk about patience so much because its not my strongest quality, but something I'm constantly working on.

I had a patient recently who did not want to wait for her period to start after her egg retrieval.  She called a bajillion and 10 times.  We finally told her to come in for no period blood work because we knew she wasn't going to give up (and possibly just wanted to free up our phones!)  She came in and her hormones indicated that she was about to start her period.  She asked if she could just have some Provera to make it happen sooner.  We explained to her thats not really how this was going to work.  She was adamant about the dang Provera, but she didn't get her way.  Her cycle finally came (about 2 days later), and she was able to get started with her embryo transfer.

She was impatient during the entire process.  She didn't want to wait the 12 day minimum of Estrogen priming, but we made her.  She wasn't happy about the two week wait for her beta day, so she asked to come in at 7 days post transfer. (Saying she was a pain in the ass would be a pretty accurate statement, my 0.1% because I generally love all my patients :) ) 

She ended up getting pregnant, but before she left she asked when she could come back to transfer her next embryo once this baby was born (she was only 12 weeks along at this point.)  Let me mention that this wasn't a 5o year old who had limited time to get pregnant, this was a young girl in her 20's.   Obviously good things come to those who wait didn't apply to her because she was impatient as shit and everything still worked out in her favor.  It doesn't always work out that way though!

I saw someone post the other day on lovely ol' Instagram "When things don't happen right away just remember, it takes 6 months to build a Rolls-Royce and 13 hours to build a Toyota."  I don't know much about cars nor do I know if this is even true, but it got me thinking.  Things that are worth it take time; be it getting the job of your dreams, building a solid relationship, accomplishing a goal, or beating infertility.  I'm sure I would  have been as impatient as she was in my 20's, but I'm slowly learning my lesson that life is going to work out exactly how its supposed to when its meant to!