Funny Girls of Fertility

Red Flags


Last week I had someone email me about their current fertility clinic.  They had been through multiple unsuccessful treatments (6 to be exact) with no real answers and a huge lack of compassion for their situation.  It got me thinking about following your instincts, and doing whats right for you....

Going back to the point I always have to relate situations to my own life, I've been horrible at following my instincts lately.  I recently put myself out there to a person I honestly trusted whole heartedly.  I saw little red flags along the way, but I told myself I was just being crazy.  Everything in me was SCREAMING that I was making a wrong decision (maybe a lot of wrong decisions), but I kept going.  Sadly, my instincts were right.  Those little red flags came to life and whacked me in the damn face.

I was mad at myself because I knew better!  Although this situation may have ended poorly for me, I'm also a huge believer in "when one door closes, another one opens."  And boy did it.  I wouldn't even say one door opened for me.. an entire slew of doors opened for me.  It was a huge lesson, that ended better than I could have ever imagined.  Never again will I doubt my instincts, but on the other hand if this bad situation would have never happened I wouldn't be where I am right now!  Life can work out in funny (F'ed up) ways!

I think the same goes for fertility treatments.  You invest so much not just financially, but physically and emotionally as well.  If you don't think that your clinic is 100% doing whats right for you or you feel any kind of disconnect with your treatment plan, don't be afraid to say something or to even get a second opinion.  You know you better than anyone else, and your instincts are generally right!  As for the email that I received, she was finishing up some blood work and then going for a second opinion.  Maybe the lack of compassion that was shown to her by her clinic is a blessing, and following her instinct to get a second opinion will lead to a healthy pregnancy!