Funny Girls of Fertility

The Other Side of Fear


One of my favorite people in the world is about to start IVF (love you, Boo).  She is scared shitless of the process.  I mean she has me to hold her hand through all of this, how scary can it be?!  Kidding. But for real, she is mildly (really) terrified.

It all started with the initial consultation.  She was overwhelmed by the amount of information that was thrown at her.  I think those (including myself) who talk fertility treatments every day kind of forget how foreign of a topic it can be.  We're sometimes guilty of dropping a load of word vomit, and end up with our patients staring back at us like we are speaking Swahili.  Let me mention my friend is a smart cookie, has researched the bejesus out of fertility treatments, and is also a nurse.  She is still overwhelmed by everything her doctor discussed with her.  *Side note - just because you're a nurse, doesn't mean you are knowledgable across every field of nursing.  Trust me, I know jack diddly about ICU.*   She went through the initial testing process, blood work and ultrasounds.  She had "scary" things like MTHFR thrown at her right off the bat.  (One day I'll touch on MTHFR; we call it the Mother F'er mutation because it can wig some ladies out.)

My friend text me the other day and expressed her fear of her IVF treatment being a bust.  Her trepidation of this failing breaks my heart.  Trust me I have some of the most amazing friends around (totally unbiased), and this one in particular is going to make an incredible mother!  How can you reassure someone that something is going to work, when you actually have no idea what's going to happen?!  So I said something along these lines (and if I didn't say it quite this eloquently, hopefully she's reading this now :)  )  ....

You have to go in with a positive attitude, having faith in what the outcome is going to be.  If it doesn't work the first time, don't get discouraged.  Infertility is a game of persistence.  With that being said, you have to go in thinking THIS WILL WORK.

Sometimes in life you have to give yourself a damn pep talk.  I do it all the dang time.  I'll give some examples so y'all get how legit crazy I am...  

In the mornings I go running at 5:30am (because obviously I am a glutton for punishment) I have to pick my ass up out of bed and tell myself I am a badass because who wants to go running in the pitch black that early in the morning through the dang woods?! I mean I'm asking to be on an episode of Dateline.

I'm still a baby writer, going on 8 months here.  I give myself a little pep talk every time I open my laptop.  It doesn't matter to me if one person or fifty people reach out to me after I write a blog, as long as what I'm doing here is helping someone, it keeps me going.  

And just with life in general, who doesn't need a little daily pep talk to remind yourself to take chances, put yourself out there, do things that are pretty F'ing scary?!  "Everything you want is on the other side of fear."  That quote rings so true in my life.  The things that have put a little fear in me, but I went for anyways, have ended up being some of my greatest achievements.