Funny Girls of Fertility



I'm 32 years old and haven't done a tremendous amount outside my comfort zone.  I live a pretty decent life; some would say a dang good life. 2016 taught me quite a few lessons.  I've grown as a person not only from starting Funny Girls of Fertility, but also through people I've met that have challenged me to look a little deeper.

I started thinking what the heck can I do to help others and add more appreciation and joy to my life.  I chose to join an international medical relief clinic.  I will be saying goodbye to the comforts of Texas and adios-ing to Haiti in March.

Now while this may seem like a super exciting adventure to some, it scares the shit out of me.

First of all, I just had to sign my life away; if I die from an infectious disease, in transit, from an animal bite, or (insert some other crazy way of getting offed).  

Did I mention I live in my comfort bubble?!   I like my Subway and Chick-fil-a, clean water, Wi-Fi, hot showers, and a nice bed. It's easy to take our basic comforts for granted because it's what we're accustomed to.  I don't want to take anything for granted anymore.

Fundraising.  I was told that I'm prideful which I never realized, but I'm prideful as shit, y'all. I don't like asking for help, and I don't like people doing stuff for me.  It makes me extremely uncomfortable, but this experience requires fundraising.  My stubborn side just wants to pay for it myself, but that would be going against what I'm trying to do here.  So I'm swallowing my pride and putting myself out there to ask for help. 

Last but certainly not least.. I'm painfully shy.  I probably don't come across that way, but I'm kind of a mute around people I don't know.  Putting myself in a situation where I will know absolutely no one makes me want to run the opposite direction.

I don't think I could have chosen to do something more outside my comfort zone than this.  I'm a big believer in "if we aren't challenging ourselves, we aren't growing".   Just listing out the stuff that makes me anxious shows how much I can gain from this experience.

It's easy to get consumed with our day to day problems that we forget to look at the big picture of just how truly lucky we are.  Right now my biggest problem is something I have zero control over, while these kids in Haiti also have a problem that they have zero control over... they are malnourished and infected with parasites.  What an asshole I am, right?  That's the whole point.  If you are reading my blog I can tell you that you have a lot to be thankful for even though you may not feel like it; a computer, the internet, electricity, probably sippin' Starbucks or something fancy, contemplating what you're about to eat for lunch/dinner.  It's not about how big or horrible our problems are it's about putting them in perspective.

"If you want to change how you see your problems, you have to change what you value and/or how you measure failure/success." - Mark Manson