Funny Girls of Fertility

Believe in Something


I'm a Texan, so you know I have to show some love for Barbara Bush.  When they were going over her most memorable moments something stood out to me.  I won’t quote it all, but the gist of it is “believe in something larger than yourself.”

Being on social media, I wonder if people even know what that means anymore.  Maybe I’m taking it the wrong way, but how I see it, is like this (and yes, I’m aware I won’t be making any friends saying all this)…..

I had a sponsored ad pop up on my Instagram.  It was a family that was announcing they’re pregnant with their 3rd child, this chick was like a fashion blogger or something. 

Was she cute?  Of course.

 Was her family cute? Yes. 

Was it obnoxious when I read, “if you didn’t see our Facebook live about our 3rd baby then check out my latest post?” Ab-so-fucking-lutely. 

It got worse, little Sally Duncan is now paying for “sponsored ads” so you can see pictures of her laundry room, and her kids playing with a roll of toilet paper.  I remember back in the day of Myspace where people posted pictures that they got off their disposable camera. Life 15 years ago wasn’t staged.  I didn’t scroll through social media, and see EVEYRONE giving me life advice or pretending like they’re perfect.  

I know what made me want to write about this though.  I saw a lady who had just given birth, (literally like a few hours before she posted) and it wasn’t the fact that she shared her newborn photos because duh everyone and their dog wants to show off their new cute baby. It was the fact that she was using her child’s birth to sell t-shirts.  Like “get a discount to celebrate the birth of my baby by using this code.”  STOP WHORING OUT YOUR CHILDREN, Y’ALL.  Okay, totally overstepping my boundaries because I know it’s not my business what people do with their own children, but for the love of Jesus, is nothing sacred anymore?!?!  

If you do something solely for a “picture” then you’re doing something wrong.  

 I personally blog because it helps me.  It’s a release, I have a TON of emotions inside of me, and this is the only way (besides running) that I feel allows those feelings to escape.  Sometimes I feel dumb posting stuff because my thought process is, “do these people really give two shits what’s going on with me right now?”  Maybe not, but if there is one person who has experienced heartbreak, loss, disappointment, I hope that my word vomit can help them in some way. 

I try to be extremely transparent.  My life has not been glamourous, but I’m not sitting here pinching my fat while I bend over screaming at you about how real I am. I don’t have to prove my authenticity, and I feel like SO many other people need this validation for some extremely odd reason. Maybe they feel they have to say how real they are because they’re lost in this social media shit-stew not even knowing what’s real or fake anymore.  I’ve aired my dirty laundry from my terrible NachoTwat relationship to my non-existent relationship with my mother.  I don’t try to motivate people with a selfie and some inspirational bullshit quote because to me, that isn’t real. 

If you don’t get annoyed seeing Candice post about how amazing her kale diet is and how you should follow her “latest post” or “turn on notifications”, then you probably won’t understand this rambling.

I want to get back to the day where people cared about MORE than “likes”.  Do something because you want to help someone, make a difference, add value. “Caring for others is an expression of what it means to be fully human.” – Hillary Clinton 

 Fortunately for me, working in health care gives me ample opportunities to give back, which I am forever grateful for.  I have an extreme thirst for the majority of the population to go back to being fully human. Care about more than your selfie or your latest IG post, care about others, and let’s watch the world become less Twat-y one person at a time.