Funny Girls of Fertility



I might be the most impatient person to ever walk the planet (drama queen, I know).  I don’t like waiting.  I know I’ve written about this before, but I’ m too lazy to even go back and look what I wrote the last time I was sick of waiting.

I’m in a weird spot in my life right now.  I’m about 9-10 months from some really huge changes.

Personal life changes (TBD when I’ll be ready to share that, major drama juicy story).  Graduating from UT with my Master’s degree.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s not close enough.  It’s like life is dangling a glass of Tito’s right in front of my face, but not letting me get a taste of it’s clear goodness.

I Googled “waiting season” and this book popped up called, “Wait and See”.  I started reading the Google reviews, and went straight to read the negatives to see if they seemed logical.  One person had commented that the author was complaining about her waiting season, the wait was a two year wait to have a child.   The negative comments said that wasn’t really waiting because it was only two years.  Well, here I am crying about something that’s less than a year away.

Personally, when I have to wait, I get really F’ing frustrated.  I kind of think I need to sign up for kickboxing class or something, that’s how angry my insides feel when I have to wait.  I don’t think anyone can say “your waiting season isn’t a real waiting season because it wasn’t X number of days long.”  Waiting sucks balls.  I don’t care if it’s one week, one year, one decade, it sucks.  When you are anticipating something you want so badly, time drags, and you want to claw your eyes out and feed them to your pet goldfish.  Or maybe more realistically you just want to scream.

How can I be patient and happy during this wait?  If I knew the answer I probably wouldn’t be writing this.  I feel frustrated and I am well aware there is an end to my wait.  What about the people who don’t know when their wait will end?  Like those dealing with infertility issues for a bajillion years, waiting for a child.  Or those going through an extremely rough life valley that honestly don’t know when they will get out of it?  I have a concrete date when things in my life are going to change, some don’t have that luxury.

((Yes, I’m being a little twat right now complaining of my wait.  But I pay for this blog space, and you’re choosing to read this right now, so who’s the real twat?!?!  Kidding Kidding.))

Waiting isn’t easy.  Waiting is painful.  Waiting isn’t fun. Are you waiting for me to get to my point? Du Du Du Dum (That was my drum sound after making a funny joke.)

I can’t make this next little patch of my life go my any quicker.  Although I’m not ecstatic with where I am in life, I’m going to make the best of my current situation because that’s really my only option. BRB got to find some inspirational bullshit quote about waiting patiently so I feel like I have cohesion in how I wrap all my blogs up……

Oh shit, scratch that.  Google “Quotes about waiting”.  Utter ridiculousness.  Alright, now I have to think of my own…

“Waiting sucks a dick” - Sharon

Waiting might be the worst thing in the world, but how you handle your wait is what matters.  Be a boss bitch or if you are a male reading my blog (pretty sure that doesn’t happen besides my Dad, Hey Dad!  See you next weekend!!) be the male equivalent of a boss bitch.

I’m going to do my best attempt at living in the moment instead of anticipating what is to come in my not so distant future.  Being present is the key to defeating the wait.